Wondernut Farms

Buddy, as we would later learn was his name, trotted goofily down the dirt drive towards are car. He stood about a foot high, had huge ears, and sported a long slightly knotted coat that gave him the resemblance of a shrunken wolf pump; he was just a dirty long hair chihuahua. He was the first of many delightful farm animals.. and people we were about to meet.

Wondernut Farms is a strange oasis of dusty joy, set just far enough off the beaten path that you feel a little accomplished just arriving. We were greeted first by the mother of the farm owner, followed by several other farm hands throughout the day. We were given the tour that consisted of some very large pigs, some very time pigs, a flock of sheep, and too many goats to count. There was several more dogs, each with their own farm job. The character and variety of the animals was incredible. They became the focus point for Chloe and I for most of our day.

After napping in the tall grass next to our cabin, recovering from the day's earlier excitements, we got to know our hosts a little better. Chloe was even able to help rebuild their giant wreath hung in the partially exposed lounge/kitchen area. We also discovered that most of the farm's staff works in Antartica for 6 months out of the year and that during the summer they increase staff with volunteers from wwoof.net. Its an incredible program, go check it out if you're not already familiar with it.

The hospitality was uniquely perfect. There was no pressure to be a part of anything, but the atmosphere was so open that it was impossible not to feel a part of the farm. We even ended out night by wrangling the adolescent goats and putting them to bed. If it doesn't sound fun to you, it was. If that already sounds fun to you.. its more fun than you're thinking. Overall it was an incredible stay capped by a drive through Yosemite National Park the following morning. Did I mention the location is perfect? No. Well, it is. Please go stay with them and experience it yourself. You can book here at Hipcamp - Wondernut Farm