Nicaragua 2016

Its already been some time since I've gone and returned from Nicaragua, and it seems as though its already been a lifetime since I explored the mountains, towns, and coast of Central America with those who have become not only travel companions but great friends.

I have put of posting these pictures or writing these thoughts for three months now, thinking that I first had to lay out the path of our journey - to recount the exact happenings and when they'd happened. As I write this and look at the path I've laid out for myself I remember its really never about the where or when so much as what you take away from what happens in between.

Sometimes it’s a little better to travel than to arrive.
— Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

In this case Nicaragua, and each of the adventures that were encompassed in the time there were never really the destination. At large the locations and happening were not even the point of the trip. In some cases they are barely relevant. What is relevant is this was a trip of firsts for me. I try to make each trip an experience filled with new things, but Nicaragua felt definitively like a trip of firsts. I was both mentally and physically challenged more than I have been in a very long time and as such I could look at things in a different way that I would in my normal routine.

Though I would consider myself to be reflective more often than not, I forced to reflect on tangible challenges and defeats; to look at in the moment trials in tangent with the bigger thoughts that I mull over everyday. I find that in putting myself at the edge of my comfort zone, and pushing myself just a little further I get closer to understanding what makes me feel. More often than not I reflect on what makes me and those around me happy. Sometimes it comes down to understanding what makes me unhappy that provides the clearest view of what direction I need to move. For me the physical and mental challenge of traveling typically entails my leaving my comfort zone and allows me to take these pieces and make sense of them. Sometimes its as simple as putting something into words that can make it real.

What follows is what I saw. What may be more interesting is what happens in between.