New build - 86 Yamaha TT600

For years I remember walking though my brother-in-law's garage and seeing dismembered parts of an old dirt bike laying around. I never thought much of the bike, and had never put together a bike myself, so the pieces didn't look like much at the time. Its strange how a little time and a few new experiences can change your perspective so dramatically.

Since finishing my first build of my own motorcycle and developing an affinity for taking long rides to where-ever... I have been pondering the virtues of a two bike system: one bike that looks nice and is great for the city and highway, and another to take a beating. Enter that old memory of disbanded bike parts.

As it turns out Steve hadn't touched the bike in quite some time and offered it up to me as a new project. The bike needs pretty much everything from the ground up, and I couldn't be more excited about that.