New build - 86 Yamaha TT600

For years I remember walking though my brother-in-law's garage and seeing dismembered parts of an old dirt bike laying around. I never thought much of the bike, and had never put together a bike myself, so the pieces didn't look like much at the time. Its strange how a little time and a few new experiences can change your perspective so dramatically.

Since finishing my first build of my own motorcycle and developing an affinity for taking long rides to where-ever... I have been pondering the virtues of a two bike system: one bike that looks nice and is great for the city and highway, and another to take a beating. Enter that old memory of disbanded bike parts.

As it turns out Steve hadn't touched the bike in quite some time and offered it up to me as a new project. The bike needs pretty much everything from the ground up, and I couldn't be more excited about that.

Into the White Mountains

Certain journeys are meant to be undertaken on your own; and sometimes you have to know when to quite and try again tomorrow...

Casualities of attempt number 1

Casualities of attempt number 1

As it turns out, even "water proof" clothes have a certain threshold of how much water they can really take... I found this out on my first attempt at driving up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire on my motorcycle. This wasn't the best idea I have ever had - sometimes logic and preparation really should override "but it will be an adventure!"

Attempt number 2 went significantly smoother. Not only did I remember to bring lights for camping at night, it also had stopped raining! I decided to stick on one road north and let it take me where ever it went. Luckily this one road lead me right to where I was hoping to end up. Of course it helped that there were some beautiful sites along the way.

While I hope to continue writing more and more to go along with my photography, I am still a little apprehensive about content in general and just being excessive. For now I will leave with these thoughts: Though I have often identified myself as a photographer, I always feel that I pass up a lot of photographic moments. I often felt like I was being a bad photographer not taking the extra time to capture a moment or get that ideal image to post and share, but on this most recent trip I have come more to terms with having a moment just be my own - some experiences are better lived than interrupted with a camera.

In the end I found my way there and back, and while I highlight the virtues of this being a solo trip, I keep in mind that without the friends that I ride with pushing me to take a sharper corner or ride a little bit faster I would not have had the skills to complete this amazing journey.

Day 1 - 153 miles North

Day 1 - 153 miles North

Day 2 - 186 miles South

Day 2 - 186 miles South

Motorcycle Maintenance

Sometimes we forget that every part of life can be an adventure. It doesn't matter if you're just walking down the street or jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet, it is all relative to how you approach each moment and what you allow yourself to walk away with. Motorcycle maintenance is an ongoing part of my life for the forseeable future; sometimes it is frustrating having to maintain the thing you just want to work, but other times it can be pure enjoyment. Life depends on who you allow to come along with you.


New Port Folk Festival 2014

This was my first year attenting the Newport Folk Festival and leading up to the weekend all I heard was constant praise and claims of life changing experiences. I doubted all of them but new I would certainly have fun at very least. As it turns out this was a truely life altering experience; the atmosphere of the festival alone will make you question why you can't just keep your "folk family" with you all the time, and the freedom of the artists and vendors will make you want to drop everything and follow your very whim and dream. I know, because that is exactly what I am feeling - like I could drope everything to start a new life.